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To create your Solart Birth Chart, all you need is your time, date and place of birth. In western astrology these are the 3 pieces of information used to create a map of your birth. The design of the Birth Chart comes in a circular form. On the outer circle are all the symbols of the zodiac. On the inner circle are the symbols of the planets in the position of each constellation (zodiac sign) they were in when you were born. The lines joining each of the planets are called the aspects, which are the relationships each of the planets have to each other.
You can see your Birth Chart map on the internet


The colours chosen for your Birth Chart follow the colour connected to the zodiac. Depending on the placement of your planets, will define the colours painted in your chart. After combined research and intuition I work with the colours and the following chart:

Aries   Mar 21 - April 20 - Red
Taurus   April 21 - May 20- Pink, Green
Gemini   May 21 - June 20- Yellow, Lime
Cancer   June 21 - July 21 - White, Grey
Leo   July 21 - Aug 22 - Orange
Virgo   Aug 23 - Sep 22 - Olive Green, Ochre
Libra   Sep 23 - Oct 22 - Pastel colours
Scorpio   Oct 23 - Nov 21 - Blood Red, Crimson, Maroon
Satittarius   Nov 22 - Dec 20- Purple, Dark Blues
Capricorn   Dec 21 - Jan 20- Dark Brown, Dark Green
Aquarius   Jan 21 - Feb 18 - Turquioise, Aquamarine
Pices   Feb 19 - Mar 20- Indigo, Sea Colours

Considering the Sun and the Moon are so influential I have painted them Gold and Silver wherever they are on the chart.

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