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To the self and to mother earth.

What they're saying

I love my new Solart earrings!! I feel like I'm wearing a piece of art that makes me shine. They are beautifully made. I have 3 pairs and I can't wait to get more!

Yuneska Harris

I ordered birth charts from Solart for the whole family - 5 of us - and it's incredible to see the differences and similarities in the charts. They all make beautiful art pieces for our home. We love Solart's work!

Shanny Gordon

I love my Solart earrings, they are beautiful and original. The colours are so vibrant and I often get compliments on them. They are like wearing little pieces of art.

Nicole Taylor

This beautiful birth chart is not only one of the most personal gifts I have ever received, but it is also an exquisite work of art. Each time I look at it hanging on my wall, I think of the time and love that went into it's creation, and that it was crafted specifically for me,  and as such is the only version of its kind.

Karina Smith

I received a Solart birth chart painting as a birthday present and am so happy with it! Not only is it a beautiful piece of artwork that looks great on my wall, but I love that it's a completely unique, one of a kind representation of my self.

Ambika Taylor

Leela created truly special artworks for my two children in the form of birth charts. The energy and essence of their individual personalities was expressed so beautifully through her use of colour, texture and patterns. Their astrological placements and aspects came to life as unique artworks which will be treasured for years to come.

Leah Szanto


Working with fluid mediums allows for total spontainity, abstraction and freedom. With a combination of alcohol, acrylic ink and acrylic flow a play of colour hits the surface where originals, prints, earrings and greeting cards are created.


Birth Charts

Take a photo of the starry sky from the place, time and date you were born and you will see your birth chart. A unique personal mapping that connects aspects of Self through planets and constellations. The mandala being symbolic of Self, contains and reflects the individual’s world within and at the same time is connected with cosmic non-duality. Through the unison between these inner and outer worlds, we can see sacred patterns, geometry, space, and the relationship between the essence of self and the universe.


Sacred Geometry

These symbols have been around for millennia and hold much potency. Their designs have been used through many cultures and times with a strong influence and beauty.

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