Anahata - 4th Chakra Heart Printable
Anahata - 4th Chakra Heart Printable
Anahata - 4th Chakra Heart Printable
Anahata - 4th Chakra Heart Printable

Anahata - 4th Chakra Heart Printable

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Anahata Chakra.

This art piece is an ink painting mandala of the Anahata Chakra.
Using fine japanese brushes, combined with high quality inks on water colour paper I create this artwork with vibrant colours and gold.
Before starting each piece I connect to the energy of chakra within, and create from this space.

Anahata is known as the forth chakra, or heart chakra. Anahata is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ‘unstruck’. When your Anahata is unstruck by life’s heartaches, when it is pure and in love with the glory of the holy spirit, it is in it’s highest vibration.

As the central point in the chakra system and the bridge between the spiritual and material worlds, it is here that we learn acceptance of both spirit and matter, and where true peace is born. The Anahata radiates an emerald green color. This chart introduces 12 actions to focus on for Anahata transcendent health.

The Anahata is rooted in the element of air. Air is the least dense of all elements. When you fall in love, you feel like you are, ‘walking on air’. When you cling too tightly to what you love, you suffocate your loved ones, depriving them of air. The element of air also pervades all other elements. The essence of love in this way is also pervasive, pure love is a clear spinning Anahata, which radiates peace and balance out to all your other chakras and out into your world.

The Anahata is shown with twelve petals. The radiant vermillion lotus flower unfolds from within the yantra, or symbol of the Anahata; a hexagram, also called a six pointed star, two triangles intertwined. The six pointed star is like the element of air that governs this chakra, it moves in all four directions as well as upward and downward. This six pointed star is a symbol of the divine union of spirit and matter; heaven and earth; above and below. It is a bridge from the lower chakras to the upper chakras, a meeting point between the lower chakras and the upper chakras.


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