Manipura - 3rd chakra Solar plexus Printable
Manipura - 3rd chakra Solar plexus Printable
Manipura - 3rd chakra Solar plexus Printable
Manipura - 3rd chakra Solar plexus Printable

Manipura - 3rd chakra Solar plexus Printable

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Manipura Chakra.

This art piece is an ink painting mandala of the Manipura Chakra.
Using fine japanese brushes, combined with high quality inks on water colour paper I create this artwork with vibrant colours and gold.
Before starting each piece I connect to the energy of chakra within, and create from this space.

Manipura is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ‘lustrous gem’. It is rooted in the element of fire. In Western culture, the Manipura is known as the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra. The Manipura holds your connection to your will, power, assertiveness and self-esteem.

Within the Manipura the element of fire ignites the light of consciousness.

It radiates a radiant golden yellow color. It is this energy that helps you to move your will into action, create new behaviors and habits and break old patterns. The element of fire transforms the passive elements of earth and water and creates a dynamic energy that shapes our lives. Fire moves upward: it feeds off of fuel and creates light, but also destroys all form with it’s flames.

The Manipura is shown with ten petals, that unfold from within a downward pointing triangle. The downward pointing triangle is a symbol for Shakti, sacred divine feminine in Hinduism. The petals of the chakras represent the unfoldment of primal sound through the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. The ten petals of the Manipura represent ten syllables of Sanskrit; Da, Dha, Na; Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na; Pa and Pha.

Together, these symbols teach us of the power to both create and destroy the world that we have within us. By meditating on their presence within you, you come to understand how to become aware of these own force in your life and harness them to your advantage.


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